Micor’s Covid-19 “I’m stuck home” Alternative Guide to Cool and Forgotten Old Stuff

Micor’s Covid-19 “I’m stuck home” Alternative Guide to Cool…

Had your fill of Tiger King? Don't care about group singalongs from apartment balconies? Are you reading the book titles on shelves behind people on the news? Now for something completely different.


Micor's Covid-19 “I’m stuck home”

Alternative Guide to Cool and Forgotten Old Stuff

Every few days, we'll blog where to check out cool media from the 20th century on Pop culture, sports, music, cinema, and more. And it's all appropriate for friends, family and even unloved acquaintances.



Pop Culture

Fox MovieTone News 1934 (8:05)

Fashion, technology, religion, politics, travel, and a  natural disasterall in 8 minutes before the main cinematic feature with an opening theme that can’t miss and Lowell Thomas’ classic narration. See how things have changed or not over 60 years.

Where to Stream it:  YouTube   Find out moreWikipedia


Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald - The Lady Is A Tramp

The video quality is good, the sound is excellent, and both Frank and Ella are at their peak in this 4½ minute duet on a 1967 live television special. If you've never heard them, here's your chance to catch two jazz-pop culture icons in less than 5 minutes.

Where to Stream It:  YouTube           Find out more:  JazzTimes.com

Nat King Cole - An Evening With Nat King Cole HD

This live 1963 BBC special features Cole at his peak, brimming with “cool” and?with a full studio orchestra/big band.?While the video is passible, the audio is excellent, and it’s hard to find a spot you want stop so you end up watching the whole 47½ minutes of it. Even the kitschy "greatest hits" ending is so 60’s you can't resist it.

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