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Residual Value – Why Computer appraisal must change.

July 27, 2021

Its time to makeover long standing computer residual value assumptions. Technology and Economic forces are now pushing computing away from being general purpose, with a broad technical applicability, toward specialization silos. Micor Analytics regular review of advance technology assets, turned up a recent article in the publication, Communications of the

Your Future in Television

May 20, 2021

[Chicago Daily Tribune Jan 5, 1949 ] Everyone behind a camera can appreciate this ad. In 1949 there was only LIVE TV. Look forward to seeing you all at NAB. LinkedInTweetShareEmail

The “Go To” Holiday Gift of 1948

December 16, 2020

Hope this finds you well and safe.  Given the season, I thought this might amusing. I’m tearing out walls in my house and there’s 70 year old newspaper in there. Here’s a Christmas ad from the Chicago Tribune Dec 6, 1948. Television was the exciting new big technology. Broadcast networks

Call for a Wake Standard for Artificial Intelligence

September 1, 2020

Here’s the 4th and last article on technology’s challenges to society and our current way of life. LinkedInTweetShareEmail

Consumers vs. Citizens in Democracy’s Public Sphere

August 25, 2020

The third viewpoint in this series talks about how an individual rights can dissipate as tech makes the surveillance state ubiquitous. Learn what a “Citizen Score” is in this article by Allison Stanger. LinkedInTweetShareEmail