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Micor started in media, and we still aggressively follow the industry. Micor is intimately familiar with the latest developments in capture, process, and display technology. Major developments in digital cinema capture, OLED displays, and high-bandwidth routing make media a dynamic and fast-paced industry.

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Media segments we serve include:

  • Video, audio, and audiovisual equipment
  • Broadcast, TV, and radio
  • Satellites (including Earth-stationary and orbiting transponders)
  • Cinema production and exhibition
  • Electronic display and billboards
  • Stage, live, and cinematic lighting
  • Grip equipment
  • On-location power and control
  • Mobile power
  • Production
  • Microwave and satellite systems
  • Radio frequency and transmission
  • Graphics
  • High-speed and large-format imaging
  • Optical recording (including CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and SSD)


Telecom isn’t just telephones these days. Satellite, microwave, radio, cable, and fiber optic transmission are all components of telecom. Micor has developed expertise in this industry, and we follow everything from satellite uplinks for broadcast to the cellular technology that makes up today’s mobile backbone.


Telecom segments we serve include:

  • Mobile broadband
  • Satellite telecom
  • Fiber and copper distribution
  • ISP centers
  • Switch centers
  • VOIP
  • Telephone distribution and control
  • Internet distribution and control

Advanced Technology

Today’s technological advancements have produced new tools and opened new workflows. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) and telematics (remote vehicle support) are changing the way we look at manufacturing and logistics, respectively. Micor closely follows these and other emerging technologies to help our clients take advantage of new opportunities.

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