Insights for Media, Telecommunications, Computing, Advanced Technology, and Government

Media is one of the fastest evolving industries in the business landscape. New display, distribution, and capture technologies are dramatically changing business models. Capturing value in this environment requires a keen understand of the technological and economic forces at play. Micor provides a turn-key solution to gain control over your technology footprint, create strong corporate controls to manage your facility.  Computing is ubiquitous in all industries, but in technical industries it’s at the heart of the business.

IMG_1113.JPGMicor offers advisory services in the nascent technologies of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and the Internet of Things (IoT). We stay abreast of the changes in these technologies to help our clients make informed purchasing decisions, negotiate financing, and develop plans for implementing these technologies into their existing workflow.

Non-profit organizations face unique challenges in their reporting and asset utilization. In the modern political environment, accountability, transparency, and the ability to do more with less are defining organization. Micor offers solutions that help organizations increase efficiency, make compliance easier, and save money in a budget conscious environment.

Transmission and Workflow Management

Managing your shop and getting your product to your customers is one of the most important parts of any business. In media, the operational requirements make this even more mission critical. Downtime simply isn’t permitted in broadcast and keeping track of all the redundancies that ensure the content you produced gets to its intended audience on time and unblemished is a daunting task for even the most experienced professionals.

Micor, along with our technology partners, provide  best practices and software solutions that help you track your resources, deploy them efficiently, and automate tasks necessary to keeping you up and on the air.

Asset Data Across Lines of Business

Engineers don’t work in a bubble. It takes members of all lines of business, from operations managers, to finance, to incorporate strategies to get quality content out into the world. And to do their job, all lines of business need data on what resources they have available. However, rarely do these different lines of business use this data in the same way. Without a central solution to provide a single version of the truth, alterations and miscommunications can render asset data incomplete, inaccurate, and unusable. Micor provides asset management services that centralize data in a platform agnostic manner to allow each line of business to see asset data in the way they need without doing so at the expense of any other users. Reporting, dashboards, and insights can all be provided by Micor to help your business

Additive Manufacturing

Micor has been following 3D printing since it was initially used for modeling in special effects for cinema. Now that the industry is offering full production systems in materials from plastic to metal to concrete, Micor is offering industry and technology reviews, as well as appraisals to help lenders and manufacturers make intelligent decisions about how best to invest in 3D printing.3d-metal-printer_2760777b.jpg

IoT and Smart City

IoT revolutionizes the concept of fixed asset management. Organizations are able to get more data on how their assets are working for them and are able to put them to better use than ever before. Micor, along with our technology partners, work with businesses, governments, and university to explore how they can prepare themselves for a future with IoT, whether that be for every day asset tracking, or smart city solutions that pull data from municipal infrastructure to help governments govern better.SMartCityYahYeahYeah.jpg