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5 things to consider when preparing to asset tag

As part of our asset management practice, we like to publish a few brief thoughts at different times during the year that our friends may find helpful in managing the assets that support their workflow.

  1. Your tag ID needs to be  unique throughout your organization.  Every location, every division, every application needs be included. Duplicate IDs or parallel ID systems will undermine credibility!
  2. One size does not fit all.  It is rare that one tag type and size will be appropriate for every item and every situation. Be prepared to consider different sizes, materials, and technologies in your tag supply.
  3. Keep your id numbering simple and sequential.  Don’t fill your ID with category, locations, and other data. That’s what your asset management database (AMDB) is for.
  4. Keep track of every tag and ID number.  Confidence in your system is everything!  Every tag printed should represent a record in your AMDB.  And make sure that you account for every tag used, not used, or destroyed.
  5. It starts with tag placement.  Tags placed in an inaccessible spot are wasted.  Your tag needs to be placed consistently, be identifiable to your organization (logo or name), fit the item, stand out but not be distracting.

Tags are only a small part of putting in place an asset/equipment management system.

You can contact Micor to discuss tags and other ways your management, tech, and accounting departments can  get clarity and command of of your resources and capabilities.

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