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An Asset Management System with the ‘Right Stuff’

Press Release Auf 2018 v2

Micor Analytics finished the inventory, tagging, and data collection portion of the a multi-site graphics and data production facility for an enterprise wide, asset management system soon to be deployed.  The assets included advanced technology, enterprise computing, and production process assets, as well as office furniture and fixtures.

Assets were tagged with Micor's proprietary QuickScan™ tags [a 3-part, low profile tag system that provides redundant asset IDs on the item and can fit on asset surfaces as small as 3/8" x 3/8"]. The tags can be scanned with a variety of systems and scanners, including smartphone apps.

The data collected provides relationship and logistics information.  It allows the asset management software to track all the components and options that comprise a system (such as a data backup tape systems with multiple LTO tape drives and multiple chassis). Also, it provides logistic tracking detail down to equipment rack elevations and which assets sit on which desk in a room.

The tags and data associated with them allow for easy auditing, with little disruption to risk to workflow or operations. Also, it provides maintenance and support departments with reliable identification of assets and where to find them for transfer, replacement, or repair.