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Residual Value – Why Computer appraisal must change.

Micor Computer Appraisal, Computer Residual Value
General Purpose Computer Equipment: fading from the future.

Its time to makeover long standing computer residual value assumptions. Technology and Economic forces are now pushing computing away from being general purpose, with a broad technical applicability, toward specialization silos. Micor Analytics regular review of advance technology assets, turned up a recent article in the publication, Communications of the ACM, that points out the growing decline of general-purpose processors while higher cost, specialized processors carve up market share.

Computer lease residual value will be more complicated.

Micor equipment appraisals for computers no longer assume that computers all use the same large class of processors and come with a broad user base.  The economics of processors has changed dramatically, pushing computing into specialized domains that are largely distinctive and offer little crossover benefits in their manufacture or end user applications.  Professionals who fail to closely follow this evolving industry change may find their projected residual value wildly off.

Computer appraisal must adjust to industry mapping a new direction

Hardware platforms in all major computer segments (from PCs to IOT) now incorporate processors that have much smaller markets and higher per-chip manufacturing costs.  This new order fragments computing into a set of “loosely-related silos that advance at different rates”.  It is a shift acknowledged and endorsed by trade and industry planning groups. Micor computer appraisal work incorporates our modeling for residual value that identifies and quantifies this new order in useful life, obsolescence, and secondary market appeal.

Reliable Computer Residual Value and Appraisal

Financing, tax reporting, and corporate fixed asset accounting can no long rely on legacy assumptions. Computing assets may be hiding obsolescence that needs to be considered in your work. In order to maintain best practice management practices like ITIL or FASB account standards you'll need to consider these industry changes Contact Micor Analytics for computer appraisal and residual value supported with today’s technology intelligence.